Monday, October 25, 2010

Would a Cloned Human have a Soul?

(Taken from an article by John Clayton in "Does God Exist")

"Cloning is not new. Clones from fetal cells have been known for a long time, and in a sense twins represent a kind of clone. Producing clones from adult cells is relatively new, but the implications are still basically the same. In very simple terms the genetic material from a cell is transplanted into an evacuated cell so that what results is a form containing whatever the genetic material that was transplanted dictates. The things that the genetic material can dictate are physical criteria. Do you remember Dolly the sheep? The cloned sheep that was produced had the same color and texture of wool, the same eyes, ears, and nose and if there were any genetic defects in the adult from which the genetic material was taken, those defects would be in the cloned sheep as well.
Could this be done with a human being? The answer from a scientific standpoint is definitely yes. There is no physical reason why this could not eventually be done. Should this be done?" There are certainly many medical reasons put forward in favor of this being done, but ethics and religious issues become a problem.
My question to you is - Would a cloned human have a soul?


  1. Of course he/she would have a soul. The living person IS a soul, comprised of mind, spirit and body. The question is, where does the spirit come from? God is the one who gives the breath(spirit) of life, and God's intention for that person is good. The next question is, who will teach that person about God?

  2. Thank you for your comment Gordon - you make some interesting points.