Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Heavy Metal Woman in the 14th Century

(taken from "Uppity Women of Medieval Times" by Vicki Leon

"Shades of Rosy the Riveter - a woman with the delightful name of Fya Upper Bach, took advantage of the career opportunities in blacksmithing - and did it six centuries before American women were exhorted to get into heavy metal for the World War II war effort. Fya, lived in the 14th century and made horseshoes in Germany. She first became an independent mastersmith known at the "smithy of Siberg". Later she moved her anvil into the city of Cologne. Besides an aptitude for pounding red-hot iron, Fya had leadership qualities. Twice in her thirty-year career she held office in the blacksmith's guild."

To be a blacksmith was such a physically demanding job, especially for a woman - but even more so for a woman of the 14th century. I think she would have been a fascinating woman to meet.

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