Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Losing Mum and Pup"

"Losing Mum and Pup" by Christopher Buckley

I have just finished reading a book that was poignant, sad, bittersweet, hilariously funny and relevant to just about everyone I know. It is about becoming an orphan.
Christopher Buckley is the only child of William F. Buckley Jr. and his wife Pat. They both died within a year of each other, and this book was written by their son as sort of a means to say goodbye. In telling about that final year in their lives, he has frequent flashbacks to wonderful episodes that bring resentment but also laughter to the surface. It is a wonderful heartwarming insight into a national persona that offers private glimpses into their behind the scenes lives.

Like most of my friends, I am at that age when I too will probably soon be an orphan. That age when our parents slowly die off leaving us all alone with only memories - an orphan, yes, but an old one. I am dreading that day. My mother passed away 7 years ago and I miss her terribly. My father is quite old now and not in the best health. For all his curmudgeonly ways, I still want to cling to him desperately to keep him here with me. I can't imagine being without both of them. But losing "Mum and Pup" comes to all of us, if we live long enough.

I highly recommend this book - it is not long and although the subject sounds quite depressing - it is actually a very funny book. Christopher Buckley presents his loss (and by inference our own) in a wonderful heartwarming and easy to swallow pill.

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