Saturday, July 31, 2010

Heaven and/or Hell?

Do you believe in Heaven AND Hell or do you believe in just Heaven? This question was just posted on Facebook and Twitter in an effort to poll as many people as possible. I think (but of course I could be wrong), that the vast majority of people believe in Heaven but most do not want to believe in Hell. I find it fasicnating to hear how people can reason a belief in one but not the other.

Perhaps you don't believe in either, that would be a third choice. Please tell me your thoughts on the subject and why you believe that way.


  1. I think that "Hell" is here in our physical bodies...we keep returning to this form to learn our "spiritual" lessons...when all has been learned...we move on to "Heaven".

  2. Interesting Audrey. So do you believe in a form of reincarnation?