Saturday, July 17, 2010

What, in your opinion, is a "Lady"?

What in your opinion is a "Lady"? Can they still be found in today's society? Do you consider yourself a "lady"? Can a "Lady" still be successful?


  1. I actually think about this every time I see an old movie. Women in the 1940's movies were the epitome of "ladies," in my opinion, and as I watch, I wonder about the real women who were off screen. What defined "lady" to them? How many women of the 1940's were not ladies by these standards?

    You can see how women in movies changed through the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. Did the real women in the 1940's also possess the traits that the women in later movies show? How much of what we see is the real nature of women and how much is due to cultural influence that changed over the decades?

    In any case, the notion of being a lady slowly disappeared. When I see Walmart shoppers wearing baggy, old shorts and baggy t-shirts, it's hard to think that ladies exist. But I think they do still exist.

    A lady doesn't necessarily stop cursing, be weak, suppress sexuality, or stop wearing pants. It's all in tact and self-respect and appreciating the unique qualities that make a woman feel like a woman. ... And goodness as well. I can't see deceptive, manipulative tactics as being ladylike.

    I was once hired to a corporate job in which the dress was completely casual. I asked more about the dress code, and the woman who was giving the orientation said, "Dress for success."

    Applying that concept outside the business place too, yes, I do think that a lady can be successful. When I wear nicer clothes, even just jeans that fit me well, I feel better about myself, and good things trickle down from there.

  2. You make some great points Tonja. I feel with a touch of sadness, that there are very few real "ladies" left in today's society. Men used to not curse if a woman was present, now the women curse just like a man. When I look at the young girls of today - why do they all dress like whores? Why does the popular music say such degrading things about women? I think you are right about it being a matter of self-respect. But maybe I'm just getting old.

  3. I love the light in this. Just beautiful!

  4. Thank you Susan, so glad you like it.

  5. Yes I have always loved the 1920's or earlier because of the etiquette of both men an women! I love the dresses, brooches,hats, & beaded purses, dance card silver compact purses I collect all but the dresses😃 But there was such an elegance, sophistication and PRIDE in appearance and looking your Sunday best!!!! Now you go out you can expect to see 3-4 people in their pajamas!!!! Just don't understand why you would want to present yourself as a bum???