Monday, August 30, 2010

Are You Going To Church More But Enjoying it Less?

Has organized religion finally recognized that its product must be sold to the public much in the same way that soap is sold? Can the advertising industry revolutionize religion? You know like "Sunday School fights sin backwash!", or "Us church members would rather fight that switch!" or "The church for people who can't say grace before every meal!". I'm sure you've seen the ads on t.v. lately advertising some church somewhere that will give you feel good feelings and warm fuzzies.
But pure righteousness has a dynamic quality that tends to be infectious, like mononucleousis. There is nothing wrong with tasteful promotion, but we are likely to forget that there is an inherent promotional aspect in the purity of Christian living that is far superior to the superficial methods that we are fond of employing for its perpetuation. What say you?


  1. The Church for better or worse id full of a bunch of recovering sinners. My sense is that we fall from grace when we forget that fact and think we have arrived. Unfortunately , marketing in the name of God is part of the human condition and it attaches itself like a tick to the Church.

    Infectious is as Infectious Christian Living does.

  2. Thanks for the comments Frank - good points. There just seems something "unseemly" about hawking the Gospel like a salesman. I can't picture Jesus or the Apostles needing an advertising agency - Christianity sells itself.