Monday, September 20, 2010

Am I Wrong?

It is one of the paradoxes of life that those who are so quick to jump on others for intolerance are usually the most intolerant.

I am saddened that comments that I left on someone's Facebook wall has prompted that person to block me. My comments were not meant to cause offence, but simply to open this person's eyes to other views. When I pointed out that what this person was accusing others of were actually only exhibited by her - perhaps I stepped over the line. I feel bad because I did not want to alienate her but to just hold up a mirror. Now I cannot leave any comments on her wall, yet I can still send her a direct message. Should I contact her to apologize or should I respect her decision to not talk and just leave her alone? What say you?


  1. You are responsible for what you say and if you said it with good intentions you have nothing to apologize for. You are not responsible for how she took your comments, she is. You can express a desire to keep in touch but don't count on a positive response.

  2. Thank you Scott - you are probably right. I am concerned that if I try to contact her again, she might see it as harrassment.

  3. Some of the best people in our lives are the ones who will say it like it is, whether we agree with them or not. There is a judgmental, rude way to go about it, but I've seen you as sensitive and non-offensive here, so I'm sure she over-reacted. "De-friending" sounds like it could be another form of intolerance in this case. Maybe she won't be tolerant of an apology.

  4. Thanks Tonja - I did try to voice my opinion as nicely as I could. But your point is exactly what I am afraid of. I hate that she took offence at what I said but I don't want to make it worse by further contact.

  5. Since, you are asking - otherwise I would not express my opinion.

    I think that unless you had a close friendship, rapport or past history of "holding mirrors" up to one another, it was extremely rude, arrogant, and presumptuous of you to point out the "error of this person's thinking."

    Who's to say that your viewpoint is right and who gave you the responsibility to take it upon yourself to judge and then "enlighten" this person? You only have your own experiences and filters from which to form your own opinions and unless you are an expert with credentials in an area and that person has asked for your opinion, maybe it would be more prudent and wise for you to withhold your tongue and certainly more polite.